Tiny House Shell For Sale

Yes, our unfinished tiny house is now for sale. More Pictures

tiny house shell for sale

We have learned so many things on this wonderful journey, but we have reached a new stage in our lives with different goals, and now its time to let our work help someone else go tiny.

Originally, we had several motivations for building a tiny house, but the strongest one was financial. We thought that if we could build and then live in a tiny house, not paying a mortgage or rent would free up lots of extra money to get ahead in life. After starting to build the house and working for about a year on it (occasional weekends), we took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course. We had 20,000 in debt to pay off and we were spending thousands on our tiny house project. So we mostly paused construction while paying off debt and working the FPU baby steps.

Now we have paid off our debt, have an emergency savings, and are saving for a small traditional home. Since our goal now is to save for a small house, we feel that selling our work and giving someone else a head start in living tiny is our best option.

If you are thinking of building yourself a tiny house, please look through the site and see what we have done. Our house is not perfect, but hopefully it will be a perfect start for someone wanting to take a beautiful tiny house exterior, and make it their own.


  • Custom trailer fabricated for tiny house construction
  • Framing of walls and roof by father and son, built with intent to last
  • Metal roof and siding, should resist fading and last a lifetime
  • Clean slate interior, build the inside to whatever fits your style
  • Mini split heater/air conditioning unit inside (not installed)
  • Bathroom sink and shower basin inside (not installed)


  • 12,000 Negotiable

Text me for more info. Cash only, open to trading for old but reliable SUV + cash or low priced new SUV + cash.