Windows 10

If you count the small crescent window built into our front door, our tiny house is sporting 10 windows. For the last couple months we have been moving at a pace of just one or two windows per Saturday with a few weekends off for planning and some special occasions (go August birthdays!).

We also added another layer of decking down on top of the first for a 1.5 inch deck. We will be putting hardwood floor down on top of this for a total of 2+ inches for the floor.

Gallery time:

Window types:

  • 2 slide up – tiny great room
  • 4 slide left – loft and upper tiny great room
  • 1 slide right – bathroom
  • 1 awning – kitchen window
  • 1 casement – over stairs

We wanted to make sure every window could open (of course the door crescent cannot). We have three windows just for our loft space so we can enjoy the nice Arizona winter weather and have plenty of fresh air when needed.

It’s now time for siding and we are thinking stucco! Thoughts and comments are welcome below. Would we be the first tiny house to use stucco instead of neat wood or vinyl siding?


Paint and Seal

This weekend we had a little detour with starting our bee hive. We ended up getting a lot of help from some great folks over at Viking Permaculture with moving a bee colony from an old boat into our hive.

We also were very lucky to meet some volunteers that wanted some practice working on a tiny house before building their own.

A special thanks to Brian and Katie for all the sealing and painting that you did for us this weekend!

We should be picking up the rest of our windows and cutting them in this weekend, stay tuned…