Four Walls

Because what else is there to ask for? A roof for starters… but we have the four walls part down at least for now. We are picking up more lumber and building our roof this weekend and next. These photos span 5 Saturdays and one 109 degree Sunday. We had to skip some days for rainy weather and birthdays/holidays. All together about two months. Here are some more photos to catch up:

We traditionally framed three walls, and built the last one in place. The first wall we sheeted before putting up so that it would hold together better when we carried it over. The 2nd and third walls we sheeted after standing up since they are smaller.

We also changed from using OSB to plywood sheets. This is mainly due to the strength difference, if you wanted to save a few hundred bucks you could do all OSB sheets but for the strength of the structure we did not want to skimp.


You should have noticed we only have two windows. We have only bought two windows so far, and that’s where they are going. We are buying the rest of our windows soon and cutting them into place. We should be able to put them and our door all in before the end of July.